Medical Negligence

Report shows Medical Negligence led to deaths at Kenyan hospitals

Time to time we will hear the news that irritates the conscience of the human being. Things that should never happen but unfortunately still happen! The most recent news was about the death of three patients in three hospitals in a single month in Kenya due to what is said professional negligence. It is not easily digestible! Being a medical staff, people expect medical staff to save lives, not to take the lives more easily than would have happened otherwise.

Professional neglect is an unpleasant issue that nobody likes in any field of life.
There is another term which needs not to be confused which professional neglect. This term is the medical error. It is an accepted truth that not all medical errors are the result of negligence. Some of these errors are likely expected with specific procedures, but still if a preventable error –which was not prevented by the medical staff-causes injury to the patient, it can be considered as negligent. Still there is never clear-cut border between the two mentioned issues and everybody can interpret the action on his/her own benefit, however, what is important at the end is; that nobody is happy that an additional injury would happen to a patient.

While talking about underdeveloped countries like Kenya, several factors come together to have resulted in such malpractice: Lack of staff –as claimed in the current cases-, work overload, lower limit of salaries –which usually, result in a conflict of interest as the employees go with private practice at official hours-, lack of supervision… and several other factors that should be looked at by the authorities and professional negligence solicitors.

However, the problem is not limited to underdeveloped countries and similar cases may happen in more developed countries. A report from England shows a significant increase in the number of written complaints against primary care services, including general practitioners and dentists. The report says the majority of the complaints were writing against the medical doctors (surgeons and dentists) followed by administrative staff.

In order to overcome this irritating issue which relates to the human being life and heath, the first step is to explore and unveil such cases. In certain areas and communities this may be a challenge to unveil such problems, but encouraging people to share their experiences, documenting the reports, and analyzing each and every case and taking action subsequently can lead to a better tomorrow, as this is must that all cases of professional negligent need to be solved properly in order to prevent it in the future.