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Prison sentence for man who robbed Shrewsbury petrol station

The robbery took place on October 14th late at night. Finley Hughes, 22, walked into the Esso station in Harlescott, using hood and scarf around his face as a disguise. He ordered the cashier to hand over the money, which she refused assuming it is all a joke.

Finley then convinced her that he has a weapon (which was not the case) and that he is ready to use it. Forcing her into cooperation that way, he managed to steal £80. He was arrested and jailed shortly afterward, despite using a cap to avoid police detection. He was already convinced to 32 months in prison

Two Separate Incidents

Hughes pleaded guilty for robbery, but also two instances of threatening with a blade and two counts of assault by beating in a separate incident. Namely, while riding his bicycle in Castle Walk Park, he shouted at and then assaulted two teenagers (16 and 17-year old). He asked them what they were looking at and threatened them waiving a knife extended from a multitool. Eventually, he punched both victims in the face.

The defence tried to ameliorate these unfortunate events by pointing out to that Finley had no trouble with the law until last year. That is when various problems started building up for him. He lost a partner and a job, as well as rugby career, after an accident in which he broke his ankle.

These circumstances have led Finley into a vicious period of depression which culminated with him succumbing to drug use (cocaine) and attempting a suicide. Allegedly, robbery was way for his to get out of debt problems, while the incident with the two teenagers was portrayed as a misunderstanding.

The Trial & The Sentence

Miss Fiona Cortese, prosecuting, presented a different account of the events and focused on the overwhelming evidence. The arguments on the part of defence were overshadowed by cold facts. Judge Peter Barrie’s decision underlined that Hughes terrified teenagers and the cashier. And so, the Shrewsbury Crown Court, frequented by solicitors in Shrewsbury, passed a sentence of 32 months, 18 of which are for robbery and 14 for other offenses. There might be a thin silver lining for Hughes, though. During remand, he voiced his determination to ditch drug consumption habits and regain control over his life. He will have plenty of time to reflect on that and make his amends. As for Petrol Stations in Shrewsbury, this was not the first time the robbers demanded money from cashiers. A similar incident occurred earlier this year, when two people escaped with more than £700 Cross Houses Petrol Station. They were using the same tactic as Hughes, covering faces with scarves and hats.