Lawyers and campaigns call for divorce laws to be re-examined

A campaign is being spearheaded by a group of lawyers who are known in leading and representing families in divorce matters and a campaign team to push the British government in re-examining and changing the law concerning divorce that seem to have adverse consequences to children.

A campaign body called Resolution that contains 6500 professional advocates in family law, is currently persuading the British government to remove blame needs from the divorce laws. The body claims so because parents being allowed to register blames eventually result into disagreements and conflicts which affects the psychological behaviour of the children.
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Attorney at Desk

Prison sentence for man who robbed Shrewsbury petrol station

The robbery took place on October 14th late at night. Finley Hughes, 22, walked into the Esso station in Harlescott, using hood and scarf around his face as a disguise. He ordered the cashier to hand over the money, which she refused assuming it is all a joke.

Finley then convinced her that he has a weapon (which was not the case) and that he is ready to use it. Forcing her into cooperation that way, he managed to steal £80. He was arrested and jailed shortly afterward, despite using a cap to avoid police detection. He was already convinced to 32 months in prison read more


UK driver banned after faking his address to avoid five speeding fines

A British driver from Rayleigh has been slammed for 6 months for faking his home address and over speeding for 5 times. Most UK motorists who lack expert advice from certified speeding solicitors have continued to face hefty court fines and driving bans. Robin Haque faked his home address in a scheme to avoid speeding tickets but has been fined £1,080 and banned from driving for 6 months. Haque first committed the offence while driving at a high speed of 64mph in a zone recommended for 50mph in Jan 2018, on the A127 at Rayleigh. Shortly after receiving a warning letter and penalty notice, the perpetrator used a false address in East Ham. read more

Medical Negligence

Report shows Medical Negligence led to deaths at Kenyan hospitals

Time to time we will hear the news that irritates the conscience of the human being. Things that should never happen but unfortunately still happen! The most recent news was about the death of three patients in three hospitals in a single month in Kenya due to what is said professional negligence. It is not easily digestible! Being a medical staff, people expect medical staff to save lives, not to take the lives more easily than would have happened otherwise.

Professional neglect is an unpleasant issue that nobody likes in any field of life.
There is another term which needs not to be confused which professional neglect. This term is the medical error. It is an accepted truth that not all medical errors are the result of negligence. Some of these errors are likely expected with specific procedures, but still if a preventable error –which was not prevented by the medical staff-causes injury to the patient, it can be considered as negligent. Still there is never clear-cut border between the two mentioned issues and everybody can interpret the action on his/her own benefit, however, what is important at the end is; that nobody is happy that an additional injury would happen to a patient.

While talking about underdeveloped countries like Kenya, several factors come together to have resulted in such malpractice: Lack of staff –as claimed in the current cases-, work overload, lower limit of salaries –which usually, result in a conflict of interest as the employees go with private practice at official hours-, lack of supervision… and several other factors that should be looked at by the authorities and professional negligence solicitors.

However, the problem is not limited to underdeveloped countries and similar cases may happen in more developed countries. A report from England shows a significant increase in the number of written complaints against primary care services, including general practitioners and dentists. The report says the majority of the complaints were writing against the medical doctors (surgeons and dentists) followed by administrative staff.

In order to overcome this irritating issue which relates to the human being life and heath, the first step is to explore and unveil such cases. In certain areas and communities this may be a challenge to unveil such problems, but encouraging people to share their experiences, documenting the reports, and analyzing each and every case and taking action subsequently can lead to a better tomorrow, as this is must that all cases of professional negligent need to be solved properly in order to prevent it in the future.

Solicitor Help

How To Solve A Property Dispute With A Solicitor’s Help

It is the difference of opinion in the asset issues within a family. Issues regarding the “will” or even the property division. Legal successor problems and so on. Problems during the purchase of the asset. The issues with the building professionals. The buying selling issue, lease and acquiring the property issue, trespass issues are the three main problems. These all will come under this issue.

The lack of attention by the person which resulted in loss for the client with respect to the property, accountant, is Executive carelessness. Lack of attention happens when the individual has not done his job to the expectation leading to damages to client.

Nowadays the claims against executives has raised to a greater level. This is due to many reasons. We believe in the words of the executives. Everyone knows many intrinsic ideas about rights. In this proceeding, the customer who faced the loss will claim for it. Some cases third party can also can also take up the case. There are lawyers who can do these types of cases against people like architect, engineers, lawyers, and so on.

Before the starting the case, you can negotiate under “pre-action protocol”. Most of the problems will be solved in this stage itself. The other issue resolving method is “mediation” by which some of the issues can be solved. The lawyer’s job is to give you the opinion about the strong points at your end. This will help you to open the claim against the opponent. They also advice you about any negotiation opportunities.

The professional negligence solicitor will be talking for your side in any agreement. The expert suggestions from specialist in that area of claim will help to take right decision. This will help to build the case in its early stage. If mutual understanding between both parties doesn’t happen, then lawyer will help you in the court happenings. A well-qualified, experienced lawyer can help to minimize the strenuous court happenings.

In this carelessness case, due to the executive’s lack of attention, you will have to be involved in related legal issues with the other party. Maybe you are trapped in signing an invalid contract due to the advice of the executive or construction may be delayed, or other party’s legal rights that your professional negligence solicitor did not inform you. They will help you in dealing with both the main issue and the negligence issue

Some of the professional negligence solicitors work on “No-Win, No-Fee” basis, you pay them only if you win the case. One example is that a couple got six digits as recovery for the claim of loss from house builder from whom they bought the house, which had poor foundations. After the preliminary talks about the case the lawyer will give you the money options to run the case. House insurance also give to some extent the lawyer expenses.

If you have all the documents to prove your stand then, it’s worth spending to pursue the case. You should have proof for all the accusation that you made against the executive to win the case.

3 Tips For Finding An Excellent Lawyer

  1. Think About Your Options

The first thing which you will have to consider it is of course whether you need a lawyer at all.  If you all are planning to go through a divorce or to sue someone, or if you are convicted of a crime, I would say that you need a lawyer ASAP.  If however, you have a complaint or wants to return something, you should probably contact a service such as a customer service.  Also, sometimes a lawyer can give you the best advice when it comes to establishing a business or adopting, that will save you time money and trouble that you would have to go through in order to learn about these things yourself.

  1. Find Yourself A Good One

It can be rather demanding to find a good lawyer, especially when you are in need of one. Even though you might be desperate for a lawyer, you should not get the first one you go to. Definitely take into consideration at least a couple of offers from lawyers before choosing the one which will be your lawyer. Furthermore, sometimes it may be difficult to determine their level of expertise; therefore you should take all friendly advice which might come in handy.MacLean But the most important thing when it comes to choosing a lawyer is whether the lawyer understands you and works diligently towards your best interest. Think of it this way, the lawyer is ultimately your representative in the court, which means the lawyer, should work in your best interest and protect your interest. When it comes to legal battles which last forever, you will be glad you took some time to choose the right lawyer.

  1. Too Good To Be True?

Just like with many other things in life if something sounds too good to be true it most probably is. Therefore, if your potential lawyer promises you too much too soon or gives an unbelievably affordable price you should question their motive and their credibility.

  1. Hiring A Lawyer: Before Or After?

lawyers-at-table-iStock_000004832869SmallIf you are wondering whether you should hire a lawyer before or after you have a real need for it the answer is both. Not only that lawyers come in handy in situations when one has been convicted with a crime or served with a lawsuit, but they are also people with enough knowledge to give you an expert’s opinion on all sorts of matters. A skilled lawyer will keep you away from legal trouble whether you are already in it or not. Therefore, if you would like to keep away from legal trouble in the future or are in desperate need of expert’s advice, consult a lawyer. You will definitely not regret it.